We have a ton of local affiliates that share our "pawlosophy" about pet care. Here is a list of our favorite trainers, vets, retail and daycare options for your pet!


"Veterinary Behaviorists are veterinarians who are knowledgeable in all aspects of animal behavior. They are required to stay current on the most recent scientific findings through research and attending and presenting at professional continuing education meetings. Good trainers have knowledge of behavior, but not at the depth or breadth that is expected of a Veterinary Behaviorist. While a trainer may teach an animal to perform certain actions in response to a command, obedience training does not usually get to the root cause of a behavioral issue or solve the behavioral problem. Be aware that some training techniques are considered questionable and inhumane in their approach." - ACVB

Kelly C. Ballantyne, DVM, Diplomate, ACVB

Dr. B is the only veterinary behaviorist in our area. We have referred many clients to her and everyone we have sent her way has had an excellent experience and their pets lives were improved and enriched through her help and treatment.


Kiki Yablon

Why we love Kiki!

Kiki is an incredible trainer in very high demand locally. What we love most about Kiki is that she is passionate about actively continuing to expand her base of knowledge in animal behavior.

Capricorn Dog Training

Why we love Megan and Jen!

Megan and Jen have been training for decades, they continually seek new sources to keep current in the science of animal behavior. They both are quite gifted at imparting their knowledge to their clients and keeping things simple and straight-forward.


There is only one daycare / boarding facility we recommend in the city, because they do THAT good a job setting themselves apart from the pack. They also offer excellent grooming services and have two full retail locations!!

Urban Pooch


Rogers Bark

Rogers Bark offer grooming and has a great retail selection. Located in the heart of Jarvis square!

4Legs 4Legs is our go to place for our clients in the Ravenswood/Lincoln Square area. They have an excellent retail selection and a wonderful neighborhood store vibe!


Here is our short list of our favorite Vets within our service area!

Bramer Animal Hospital

Located in Evanston, IL.

Howard Street Animal Hospital

Dr. Carlson has been personally caring for Alexis' pets for over twenty years. Naturally we think she is the absolute best! Her practice is usually not open to new patients but she occasionally opens up her books for new fur clients. Located in Evanston, IL on the border of Rogers Park and Evanston.

Duke Animal Hospital

Located in the Lakeview neighborhood. We think Dr. Angela Duke is pretty pawsome! Since opening a small practice several years ago she has been super successful and has grown, making quite a name for herself in the animal community.

The Royal Treatment Veterinary Center

Dr. Royal's practice is expansive and has a unique integrative medicine approach, which is the future of veterinary medicine. If they are too pricey for you to use as your regular go-to vet we still encourage you to look at their expansive services to help support your pet through health crisis such as allergies, cancer, post-op support, and aging. They offer laser light treatments for pets, have an underwater treadmill, acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, therapeutic ultrasound, and rehab.

Happy Pawlosophy clients! Happy Pawlosophy clients!
Happy Pawlosophy clients! Happy Pawlosophy clients!

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