1. What is your experience in the pet world? At Pawlosophy, we have many combined years of experience between us. From extensive rescue work, to dog, cat, turtle and guinea pig ownership, we have truly seen it all!

2. Is there an initial meet and greet before my dog becomes a client? We firmly believe that a meet and greet is a crucial first step in setting you, your pet and our service provider up for success from the very beginning. We want to get to know you and your pet. We want to make sure that your pet is comfortable with the walker or sitter you have chosen, to address any questions or concerns that you may have, and to gain a full understanding of your pet's requirements.

3. Can you do emergency/last minute visits? We understand that things come up, and we will do everything in our power to accommodate your last minute needs. There is a surcharge for this service.

4. Will you discipline my pet if he/she misbehaves? We know that some pets can be a bit mischievous, sometimes it's what we love best about them! We believe in positive reinforcement training, and can work with you to continue your pet's training while they are in our care.

5. Can you work with aggressive/reactive pets? Our years of experience as pet owners and rescue volunteers has given us a wealth of experience in dealing with less social, reactive and even aggressive pets. We understand that your cat may not love pill time, that your dog may have concerns about tall men, or strollers, or big, bouncy dogs. We are fully equipped to manage these situations and, most importantly, keep your beloved companion safe. We reserve the right to discontinue service if we feel that there is a risk to the safety of our service provider.

6. What if something goes wrong? While we are confident that our years of experience and our careful screening process for walkers and sitters go a long way to eliminating this possibility, we are aware that, on rare occasions, accidents do happen. All our caregivers have been trained in emergency situation preparedness and have a strict protocol that they must follow in an emergency situation. We are happy to discuss the particulars further with you during the meet and greet.

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